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Houdini 19
Facial Auto-Rig Tool

The kinefx joint-based facial auto-rig solution supporting keyframe animation and motion capture.

Intro Video



The Kevfx Facial Auto Rig (based on H19 KineFX) assets provide:
-- Joint-based facial rigging
-- Initial skeleton with configurable joint numbers for all the sections (brow, eyelid, mouth, lip etc.)
-- Selectable/movable viewport controllers supporting multiple selections of controllers
-- Configurable joint transforms (translate, rotate, scale) for individual blendshapes and joint sections.
-- Ability to accept Facial Capture (mocap) data from Mocapstream node via Live Link Face (free iOS app from Unreal Engine) live or offline.
-- Starting preset for easy creation of blendshape configurations
-- Compatible with Kevfx Biped Body Rig for full character rig

The Kevfx Facial Auto Rig assets consist of:
-- Face Init Skeleton (free)
-- Face Add Extra Joints (free)
-- Face Auto Rig (this asset, not free)
-- Facial Combined Ctrls (not free)
-- Load Blendshape CSV (optional, not free)

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