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Abstract Geometric Shapes

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How to use Kevfx Biped Auto-Rig in H19 to rig a human character for body animation.

How to load facial motion capture CSV data into Houdini.

How to use facial rig picker for quickly selecting controls of a facial rig based on Kevfx Face Auto-Rig tool.

Houdini Cloth Simulation Tutorial

How to use Houdini Cloth Solver for simulation.

Houdini Human_Rig_Embedded Tutorial

How to use human_rig_embedded asset to rig a character

Houdini Intro To Hair

How to use Houdini Hair tools

How to use Kevfx Facial Auto-Rig in H19 to rig a character for joint based facial expressions.

How to use character rig picker for quickly selecting controls of a rig based on Kevfx Biped Auto-Rig tool.

How to use the anim lib asset to copy/paste, save/load, export/cache keyframe animations on houdini nodes.

ZBrush Spotlight Polypaint Tutorial

How to use zbrush spotlight polypaint

Houdini LEGOize Tutorial

How to convert geometries to LEGO bricks

Maya Python Beehive Pattern

How to use Maya Python to generate the beehive pattern for design.

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