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Kevfx Biped Auto Rig - Houdini 19

Automatic rigging for Houdini 19 based on KineFX tech.

Intro Video


Feature List

  • Utilising Houdini's KineFX technique

  • Automatic rigging for biped characters with simple nodes (init skeleton provided)

  • IK spline curve controls for spine and neck

  • IK & FK arm and leg controls with IK/FK blending

  • Reverse foot controls

  • Parent space switching for IK controls

  • Smart smooth twist for shoulder, forearm, hip and lower leg

  • All the IK controls have stretch toggles

  • Controls can be customised in color and size

Version Release Notes

  • V5 - Jun 25, 2022

    • This is version 5 ! 
      It is NOT compatible with previous versions of the auto-rig nodes in terms of parameter names !
      If you want to use this new rig version with previous parameter keyframe animations, please read this blog post on how to upgrade:

    • Changes:

      • All the parameter names have been standardized. 

      • Some of the parameters are fixed, so that now they are correctly auto-scoped in Animation Editor.

    • Note:

      • Now the parameter names should be more meaningful and consistent for future version releases.

  • V4 - May 22, 2022


    • Free for Houdini Apprentice License now !!

    • So give it a try first now !!

  • V3 - Dec 13, 2021

    • ​Fixed some issues which caused some unexpected twists.

  • V2 - Dec 12, 2021

    • Added a tutorial to the screenshots section.

    • All the IK controls (neck, spine, arm and leg) now have "stretch" toggle parameter to turn on/off IK stretch.

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