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- Houdini Asset

Converting geometries to LEGO bricks. Good for rigid body simulation.



  • The SOP node can fill up input geometry with LEGO bricks (legoize it).

  • The node can auto detect top bricks. If the top brick is not 'brick' type, the node can randomly change them to either 'plate' type or 'flat tile' type. Users can modify brick_type again based on the top_brick and brick_type information.

  • The asset will try to use longer bricks to fill the geometry wherever possible. These LEGO types are supported:

    • 'brick' type: 2 (in x) by 8 (in z)

    • 'plate' type: 8 (in x) by 8 (in z)

    • 'flat tile' type: 2 (in x) by 8 (in z)

  • The node outputs points with attributes can be used to modify the Lego bricks when the Lego bricks being copied to the points. 

  • Point attributes of the output point cloud:

    • brick_type: 0 for brick, 1 for plate, and 2 for flat tile.

    • x_res: the amount of units in x direction.

    • z_res: the amount of units in z direction.

    • top_brick: 1 for top brick, 0 for non top brick.

    This node best works with the Lego Brick Generator digital asset. Please search Orbolt web for it.


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